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This message "When God Makes A Decision And It Hurts was birthed out of a hard place in my life. Life is going to happen to each of us, but the question is what do you do when life happens, and you don't have a say so in the matter? What do you do when God the one whom you serve with all your heart allows the enemy to touch a certain area of your life and it leave you feeling he doesn't care about you? My sister and mentor in ministry passed unexpectedly and I had to learn how to worship God even in a hard place. Through every tear I had to lift my hands and yet worship. During my time of preaching her pre-homegoing service I yet had to worship God. It's not always easy but God gives us the strength to make it through our dark place.

Elder Gethers "When God Makes A Decision and It Hurts" (MP3 digital download)

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